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In English Background and aim of SFTI Single Face To Industry (SFTI) is a joint initiative in the Swedish public sector to promote and facilitate e-procurement. The aim of SFTI is to recommend standards for e-procurement in the public sector and the work involves public sector entities, suppliers and IT-providers.


SFTI started in 1998 after a central initative in the 1990’s to promote e-procurement. Focus has mainly been on post-award processes, but since 2009 also pre-award processes are covered in the work of SFTI. The use of open standards for e-procurement is crucial to reach the political goals to increase the use of e-procurement in the public sector. SFTI is bringing together central government agencies, regions and local authorities together with suppliers and IT-providers.

Leaders and coordinators of SFTI

The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKR), the Agency for Digital Government (DIGG) and the Legal, Financial , Administrative Services Agency (Upphandlingsmyndigheten) and The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). Standards used in the Swedish public sector SFTI recommends standards for more advanced e-procurement based on GS1 EANCOM and also simpler forms of electronic business using XML-based syntaxes. Since 2004 SFTI recommends an XML- invoice - Svefaktura - based on Universal Business Language (UBL) and since 2008 SFTI also recommends an electronic order format, Sveorder based on specifications from CEN/BII and the UBL-syntax. There is also ongoing work on recommending standards in Sweden for e-notices (below the threshold values) and e-catalogues based on specifications from the CEN/BII workshop.


SFTI participates in international standardisation initiatives such as UN/CEFACT and CEN/ISSS and in particular the standardisation workshops CEN/BII 2 and CEN/WS e-Invoicing 3. It is the intention of SFTI to continue to recommend standards for usage by the Swedish public sector, based on the deliverables from these workshops. Supporting end-users and IT-providers

SFTI organises seminars and courses to promote e-procurement in Sweden. We also provide support to supplier connections and handle technical problems during start-up phases. SFTI answers questions from all parties involved in using the standards that SFTI recommends.


SFTI recommends standards for electronic commerce/e-procurement. It is business documents for the exchange of catalogues, orders, despatch advices and invoices between public buyers and their suppliers.

Peppol BIS and Svehandel are collective names for the set of UBL-based business document standards that SFTI recommends for electronic commerce with buyers in public sector. The transaction formats and profile specifications are recognized by the name beginning with "Sve" or "Peppol".

There are also standards for business documents based on EDIFACT. For those who has not initiated e-procurement the recommendation is to use the Peppol BIS and Svehandel standard.

Peppol BIS and Svehandel (PDF)


For technical issues and general user questions, please contact the SFTI technical experts.

Below you find contact information to the responsible persons at the coordinating organisations:

Robin Anderson Boström
Swedish Local Authorities and Regions
Phone: +46-(0)8-452 79 71

Maria Larsson
Swedish Local Authorities and Regions
Phone: +46-(0)8-452 79 65
Maria Larsson


Anderz Petersson
Agency for digital government (DIGG)

Eva Ringman
The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency

Fredrik Flodin
The National Agency for Public Procurement

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